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Want to edit your own website content?

There's nothing to download, nothing to install and absolutely no programming or technical experience required! Setting up content management for your website takes just minutes, and you don't need a web designer to do it! It's so easy and absolutely free to try (no payment details required). So why delay?

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What is Jomatu?

Jomatu is a revolutionary online system that gives website owners the ability to edit the content of their own websites. Jomatu operates entirely independently of your existing website, allowing you to make unlimited changes whenever and wherever you like. It is completely non-technical, easy and intuitive for ordinary website owners to set up and use, without having to involve a web designer. Find out more about the features and how it works.

What makes Jomatu different?

Most content management systems require a web professional to install, set up and configure them before they can be used to edit your website, whereas Jomatu is designed specifically for website owners to use themselves. This is possible because there is no software to install, nothing to download and no programming or HTML knowledge required.

Furthermore, many content management systems require your website to be fully integrated; This means that your website simply will not work outside of that content management system. Jomatu is different, it's completely independent of your website so you're never tied into our system – you retain complete control and independence at all times.

If you can use a word processor, then you can start using Jomatu right now. It's free to try and you won't be asked for any up-front payment details, so why delay? Join today!


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