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Note: the advanced website settings option in Jomatu concerns technical aspects of how Jomatu generates the coding of a web page; this page is designed for web professionals, or anyone else who is concerned about the format of this code.

When you save or publish website changes, Jomatu generates the appropriate (X)HTML code. This code is hidden when you view a web page, but the format of the code - the way it appears in a text-based web page editor - can be important to web professionals who also maintain the website. Many aspects of how this code is produced can be changed through this option.

The advanced website settings can be found as follows.

Step 1: Click on the 'Manage Websites' link or icon

Add a New Website - Step One

This takes you to the 'Manage Websites' page.

Step 2: Click on the 'Edit' link in the Managed Website list

Add a New Website - Step Two

This takes us to the 'Edit website' page.

Step 3: Click the 'Advanced Website Settings' link

Add a New Website - Step Three

This link brings up the Advanced Website Settings page.

Add a New Website - Step Four

The following is a description of the various form fields.

Character Encoding

Determines how Jomatu translates characters outside of the defined character encoding, the options are:

Character Conversion

Determines how Jomatu represents special characters which appear outside of the (above) defined character encoding:

Spaces per Indent Level

HTML structural elements are indented. This setting determines how many spaces should represent an indentation level.

Spaces per Tab Mark

Determines how many indentation spaces equals a tab mark. For example, if this is set to four, then an indentation of ten spaces would result in two tab marks followed by two spaces.

Escape Apostophies?

If checked, then apostophies are escaped according to the setting of the Character Entity Mode (see above).

Convert to XHTML?

If checked, then all HTML output is automatically converted to XHTML.

Force XML Declaration?

If checked, then an XML declaration is added to the start of each document. This is not normally required unless the web page is being parsed as XML.

Wrap text?

If checked, then text node output is automatically wrapped according to the Text Line Length setting (see next).

Text Line Length

If the 'Wrap Text' box is checked (see above), then this value determines the maximum length of text characters before a new line is inserted (i.e. text is wrapped).

Line Break Characters

Determines the characters that are used for new lines (or line breaks). This depends on your platform.

Allow IFRAME Element

If checked, then HTML IFRAME elements may be added and edited within your Edit Session. IFRAMES can represent a security risk, so only allow this option if editing or adding IFRAMES is actually required.

Attribute Ordering

This box allows you to specify how the attributes of HTML elements are ordered. The rules are as follows:

  1. Each element must appear on a new line. Note: A wildcard asterisk '*' can be used to represent all elements.
  2. The element (or wildcard) must be followed immediately by a colon ':'.
  3. After the colon, specify a comma-separated list of attributes, in the order that you would like them to appear.
  4. Any attributes not listed in step 3 above will appear after the list, but not in any specific order.

For example, if you want to order the IMG element attributes so that 'src' appears before 'class', before 'width', before 'height' before 'alt', you would code: img:src,class,width,height,alt. Further examples are given on the web form.

Finally, click the 'Save Changes' button to save changes, or click the 'Cancel and return' link to cancel without saving changes.

This completes the 'How to add a new website' documentation.

* FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

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